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     Green Door Nursery's team of dedicated landscape designers and horticulturists can transform the ordinary into a personalized and unique landscape design.

     We passionately believe there is beauty in the garden, and we utilize this into your landscape as a living art form that is forever changing. 

Insured, Bonded & Licensed LCC20120003683

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     Our customized approach sets us apart from most landscape design companies. We create breathtakingly uniquely designed gardens by using rare and unusual plant selections that will set your home apart from others. We aim to create a seamless flow of color, texture and scent.

     With experience in container gardens, xeriscape gardens, butterfly gardens, courtyard gardens, and of course, front and backyard landscapes, we are known for transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary!

     We begin with a site visit to understand your specific needs. We then guide you to the end goal with the best possible aesthetics and function from start to finish.


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